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About company

EPMG LLP, (Effective Project Management Group) was founded in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2004, to provide a Project Management Systems consultancy service to clients in the oil and gas and investment sectors, in accordance with the principles and parameters of the IPMA (International Project Management Association).

Demands from EPMGs Clients for very extensive multilingual documentation promoted the establishment of; firstly, translation, and then interpretation facilities, and then the establishment of the necessary printing and publishing facilities, in order to optimise the printing and publication of all of the resultant documentation, books, brochures and booklets etc.

At the same time EPMG established a recruitment and outsourcing capability providing engineering and administrative personnel to the oil and gas industries, which in 2008 expanded into the development of personnel management systems, including personnel evaluation, key competence development, risk analysis, personal career and motivation systems, and labour consulting.

The Company has performed a range of supply and procurement projects for oil and gas companies within Kazakhstan.

As a result of this success, in 2010 EPMG changed its name to Energy Project Management Group. ENERGY in this context is not limited to the Energy sectors of the economy e.g., the oil and gas, power-generation and distribution etc., but is to be construed in its widest interpretation as a motive force for dynamic movement, progress and development across the whole spectrum of business activities.

As of today, EPMG is one of the leading translation companies in Central Asia, with an international network of representatives and partners, many of whom are also technical specialists, combining a knowledge of foreign languages with the practical experience of having worked in industry and therefore having a knowledge of the technical terminology being translated, rather than being simply pure linguists.

Our Mission and Position in the Translation Industry

EPMG is unique among translation services companies for a number of reasons, all of them stemming from our original mission: EPMG is the only major company in the translation industry founded and managed by translators with backgrounds in engineering, science and medicine, not by people whose primary experience is in languages or business.

At EPMG, we are driven by the mission to set the new Standard of Quality for technical translation and localization. It is this mission that drives our success and sets us apart as a company. When you need precise global communication, EPMG is the clear choice.

Our Human Resources Management department has an extensive database of qualified technical specialists in the oil and gas, power and mining industries, and has access to a range of local and international networks for the exchange of personnel search data. The Company is co-operating with international companies in the sphere of HR management for the development and implementation of Human Resource Management Systems within companies and organizations.

EPMG also has an external group of experts specialising in investment project evaluation, and a long-standing relationship with Chartered Surveyors, based in London, who have extensive experience as Contract Administration and Claims Specialists in the Petro-Chemical and Construction Industries within Kazakhstan.

Since 2009 EPMG has been a member of EUROBAK, and also is official translator and editor of their English language version of the magazine WORLD MONITOR.

Finally, EPMG would take this opportunity to express their special appreciation to:
- JSC ABE Corporation
- JSC OGCC KazStroyService

who, as two of our earliest Clients, supported the Company, and helped us establish the combination of high standards of performance and the achievement of tight deadlines at the most competitive prices, which has been fundamental to our success.